Optional sizes

Modals have three optional sizes, available via modifier classes to be placed on a .modal-dialog.

Size Class Modal max-width Modal Demo
Small .modal-sm 300px
Default None 500px
Large .modal-lg 800px
Extra large .modal-xl 1140px
Default (Center Modal) .modal-dialog-centered 500px
Default (Scroll Modal) .modal-dialog-scrollable 500px

Fullscreen Modal

Another override is the option to pop up a modal that covers the user viewport, available via modifier classes that are placed on a .modal-dialog.

Class Availability Modal Demo
.modal-fullscreen Always
.modal-fullscreen-sm-down Below 576px
.modal-fullscreen-md-down Below 768px
.modal-fullscreen-lg-down Below 992px
.modal-fullscreen-xl-down Below 1200px
.modal-fullscreen-xxl-down Below 1400px

Themes Modal

You can use custom modals with themes colors.

Login & Signup Modal

You can use custom modals with Login and SignUp form.

Account Settings
General Settings
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